Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Tour Dates

July 7th - The Rusty Nail - Admore, PA
July 8th - "Fool For Love" Ice House - Berkley Springs, WV
July 9th - "Fool For Love" Ice House - Berkley Springs, WV
July 10th - "Fool For Love" Ice House - Berkley Springs, WV
July 12th - Almost Heaven Desserts - Bridgeport, WV
July 13th - Purple Fiddle - Thomas, WV
July 15th - Knock Back Nats w/ Jon Evans & Andrew Antle (Dead Records) - Cincinnati, OH
July 17th - Lazy Daze - Indianapolis, IN
July 18th - Fearless Radio Interview/Performance - Chicago, IL
July 19th - Lilly's - Chicago, IL
July 21st - Phantasy Nite Club - Lakewood, OH
July 22nd - Fallout Shelter - Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday, March 26, 2011

03/26/2011 - I Am Home

So the tour was great. Thank you everyone that gave me a place to stay, gave me food, or just hung out with me. I appreciate everything! Thank you every single person that came to a show, stuck around for a set, kept up on me, and chatted with me while I was on the road. It means a lot to know I have such a good group of fans out there!

Last night was a very small, very fun set. I played for two good friends that have been fans since they've heard my songs. Sorry I couldn't remember a lot of the old stuff. I'll try to learn it again for next time! Thank you Alicia, Jenny, and Kelsey for giving me a place to stay, a shower, and food. You guys were really good to me.

The drive home was extremely long. I stopped to grab a bite, which took longer than expected, and didn't get back until about 5:30AM. I got pulled over by a cop for my headlight being out. No ticket, or even written warning, so that was cool. I think the cop thought it was awesome I was a touring musician and understood I just wanted to get home.

I plan on hitting the road again this summer. I will also be going to Rochester, NY to record my next album as well. Stay tuned and follow me on all my websites! For those of you who live in WV, I am playing Thursday March 31st @ Hot Topic in Bridgeport, WV. Come out if you can, I am playing with Mike Lewis of Grounded In Reality. Show starts at 6PM. Come early and hang, and stay after for merch deals! "Well Into The Early Morning" will only be $3!!!
Here are all my sites, catch up with me on them!

Friday, March 25, 2011

03/25/2011 - The Beginning of The End

Yesterday was really good to me. Fearless Radio was a really fun time! Thanks for all the love while I was in the studio everyone! Thanks Justin for the contact info for when I'm in town, and also Ryan of RethinkPopMusic Co. I'll will be in touch the next time I'm in town!

I decided to drive to Michigan after the radio interview. My friends Alicia and Kelsey helped me out, as well as Alicia's mom with giving me a place to crash! Everytime I'm in the area they help me out. I really appreciate everything they do for me.

Tonight I'm playing a very small private house show for some people here in Michigan. It should be a really fun time. Everyone that will be there has seen me before and are excited for me to be there tonight. Thanks for hosting this Kelsey.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

03/24/2011 - Dang I LOVE Chicago!

I've been in the city for a bit now. I'm currently sitting in the Fearless Radio studio hanging out with my good pal Kris. Its been a while since we've chatted so this is nice. The studio's spot has changed again, and now its in a lofted office space. I don't know what it is about this tour, but all I'm doing is chillin' in lofts haha. I found FREE parking in downtown Chicago! That is virtually impossible at this time of day. This is how I know I should be living here.

I go on in a couple hours so be sure to tune in and tweet us some questions!!!

Fearless Radio (New Music Bindge tab)

03/24/2011 - What Happened?

Driving to Indianapolis was pretty good.It is a short trip from Cincinnati, only about two hours. I stayed in Cincinnati for a little while to hang out with Jon Evans ( and some new friends that I made. We loaded up some equipment from the night before from Knock Back Nats. Afterwards in order for me to be on time I had leave Cincy. Thanks so much again guys for everything! Everyone I hung out with and met was amazing. I'll be back soon for sure.

Once I got to Indianapolis I met the barista and a couple of older gentlemen. They were extremely nice. One of the men, Dennis, let me use his equipment for my set, and stayed around for the whole thing and afterwards to chat with me. The other man does some photography for an Indianapolis art and music review. He was very kind and was very interested in me and my story. Thanks everyone else that stuck around to listen!

After the show there was a storm. It was a normal thunder/lightning storm, until the clouds got really dark and it began to hail! Two hail storms in one tour?! AHHH! It was alright though. I wasn't driving anywhere for a while, and by the time I did hit the road the storm was over.

I made my way towards Chicago. It isn't a long drive from Indianapolis. I figured I could drive part of the way last night and the rest today. That didn't work... I was going to go about half way then sleep in my car at a truck stop or something. Not realizing how cold it was I tried that. But the best part is my heat stopped working for some reason. It had been fine the whole trip until last night... So after talking to my encouragement to find a motel, I went on the hunt for a room. This was a challenge in itself. I couldn't spend too much money, but I knew I wasn't going to find hostel priced places. Luckily after only an hour or so of driving forther north I found a Motel 6 with a single bed rate of $29.99! I was never happier to see a cheap motel sign. Trying to brave the 25 degree weather wasn't on my plate for the night. I sucked it up and paid the man to give me a key. It was nice having a bed, shower, and tele to watch. Thank you Aerlyne for making me find a room, and also for the help. I probably wouldn't have gotten of that exit if you didn't tell me there were a lot of motels/hotels.

So now we're here. I'm basically in Chicago right now. Its kind of chilly, and I have 4 hours to kill... I'll try to find something, but with no funds its hard. I have a radio interview with Fearless Radio at 4PM CDT (5PM EST) Stop by and listen! Tweet me questions at @fearlessradio

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Indy Indy Come To Me!

So far so good. I've been here for 15 minutes and I've already met some great people! An older gentleman by the name of Dennis is letting me use his amp for tonight. The barista is super cool and really nice. Hopefully I'll be able to find a place to crash tonight. The show starts at 7PM, but I think a jam sesh will be going down around 6PM!

Lazy Daze - Indianapolis, IN - 7PM

03/23/2011 - Thank You Cincy

Yesterday was a great day! I got to shoot my performance for my friend Jon Evans' ( web-zine. It was a lot of fun. we got a lot of cool footage and had a good time shooting everything. The rest of the day was lots of fun. We chilled and toked and jammed a lot. Quite a few of Jon's friend came by to hang out and we all played on each others' tunes. The music scene here is so cool. All the songwriters are great, and they are down to help out and support everyone's music.

The show was at Knock Back Nats. It was pretty good. There were a good number of people there, maybe 35-40 people crammed into a skinny, short bar. After my set I was hanging out and my new friend Cary Davenport ( asked if I wanted to play another set down the street. I didn't have much going on, and he wanted to do a set, so we made our way to MOTR Bar in downtown Cincinnati. It was a cool joint. There were high ceilings, and a lot of moving space inside. It was a blast doing two sets last night with two really good performers, Cary and Jon.

After the shows we came back to Jon's for more partying. We go HAM in Cincy... The party was bumpin' until 4AM. We had beers and pots, it was a fun time. Thanks to everyone for the hospitality. Its been a long time since I've ran into people that treat me this good on the road! Cincinnati will be seeing more of me in the near future.